Swim Goggles

Benefits of Swim Googles with Our Eye Doctor

Swimming is a great exercise and fun activity, but protecting your vision in the water is essential. Our family eye care and pediatric eye care specialists at Family Vision Clinic in Farmington, MN, inform us about the dangers of pool water and how to choose the best swim goggles.


Why Your Eyes Need Protection

No matter how to clean pool water might look, it’s unwise to believe it’s spotless. There are still some microorganisms that survive the cleaning chemicals. Speaking of harsh chemicals, they pose a threat to your eye health.

Additionally, many people dive into the pool with contact lenses, which can be dangerous. All those chemicals and microorganisms can get behind the contacts and damage the cornea. So it’s an essential step in eye care to wear swim goggles, whether you wear contacts or not, to keep these dangers away from your eyes.

Tips for Choosing the Right Swim Goggles

There are many options for swimming goggles for eye care, but they fall into two categories, small and large sockets. Small socket goggles are the ones you see professional swimmers wear. They fit directly around the eye socket. These are good choices, as they tend to keep the water out best.

Large socket goggles fit outside the socket, making them more comfortable for many. However, they don’t usually keep all the water out. Regardless of which type you get, it would be best if you tried them on. Try pushing them on without using the strap. They're typically a good fit if they last for a few seconds. Try another pair.

It’s also important to know that you can get your swim goggles with prescription lenses. This choice is excellent for those with vision issues, as you don’t have to sacrifice seeing clearly for protection.

If you’ve already had an eye exam with our optometrist and have a recent prescription, we can order your swim goggles according to it. However, our optometrist can also complete your eye exam at your family eye care appointment and order swim goggles with your eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Protect Your Eyes with the Help of Our Eye Doctor

At Family Vision Clinic, we are happy to provide family and pediatric eye care services to ensure your visual health. Schedule your appointment today by calling (651) 463-2020. Remember to speak with our optometrist if you have any further concerns. We would be happy to assist you with whatever you require.


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