Swim Goggles

The Importance of Swim Goggles

Swimming is a fantastic exercise for physical and mental health and can be a fun family or solo activity. Before you dive in, though, you should consider wearing swim goggles. This protective eyewear is crucial for keeping your eyes safe while swimming in any body of water. Our team at Family Vision Clinic in Farmington, MN, is here to explain the importance of wearing swim goggles.


Pool Water Is Not Completely Clean

No matter how clear the water may look, chlorine cannot kill all the germs in pool water. Pool water can contain pathogens and foreign objects that float around and damage your eyes, such as fallen leaves, insects, or dirt. Additionally, chlorine can burn and harm the eyes. Wearing swim goggles protects your eyes from both the bacteria and the chemicals used to fight the bacteria.

They Are Great for Kids

You might warn your kids several times that they need to remove their contact lenses before getting into the water. However, kids can be forgetful, especially when they are excited. Fortunately, swim goggles can help.

Properly-fitted swim goggles provide your child with a layer of protection between the water and their contact lenses. You will still need to dispose of the contact lenses after they leave the water, but you can breathe a bit easier knowing that your child’s swim goggles protect their eyes from significant harm.

Why You Should Visit Your Eye Doctor for Swim Goggles

When you think about swim goggles, you likely think about the ones that line the shelves of retail stores when the weather begins to warm up. Though you can purchase swim goggles at your local retailer, you can also purchase prescription goggles with the help of your eye doctor. Swim goggles that are available at retail stores are designed for general use. Swim goggles prescribed by an optometrist provide optimal eye care and protection for you or your child’s visual needs.

Your pediatric eye care and family eye care specialist can ensure you and your children have the perfect prescription and best lenses for your needs. Additionally, they can ensure that the goggles fit properly and provide the best protection possible. You can also get lenses for indoor pool use, outdoor pool use, and lenses with UV protection.

Schedule an Eye Exam With Your Farmington, MN, Optometrist Today

Swim goggles are vital for protecting the eye health of you or your children when swimming in any body of water, so contact Family Vision Clinic in Farmington, MN, to get the perfect swim goggles today. Our team offers family eye care and pediatric eye care that will keep you and your family’s eyes healthy, so call us and schedule an appointment today at (651) 463-2020.


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