Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

People who need corrective lenses have options. Wearing glasses is no longer the only option. Contact lenses have made it possible for people to enjoy clear vision while playing sports and having any number of active opportunities. Many people also choose contact lenses for aesthetic reasons as well. Our Farmington, MN optometrist at Family Vision Clinic can help people who need corrective lenses find the best for them. Contact lenses add convenience and flexibility for people who need corrective lenses. 

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What Are Contact Lenses? 

 Contact lenses are corrective lenses that are worn directly over the eye. They are thin lenses that fit over the eye's surface and correct vision like glasses. The lens itself is either hard or soft and designed to correct or improve vision. These lenses help your eyes to focus by fixing your cornea and lens refraction issues. There are a wide variety of different types of constant lenses designed for different eye issues.

Can Everyone Wear Contact Lenses? 

 Optometry is inclusive of different corrective eyewear choices. Advances in contact lenses have made it possible for many people to wear lenses which may have eye issues that classify them as hard to fit for contact lenses. Astigmatism is a common eye issue that often affects or limits a person's eyewear issues. However, even people with astigmatism can wear contact lenses. It should be noted that people who have astigmatism will benefit most from wearing contact lenses suited for people who have this eye issue.

Astigmatism is a condition in which the curvature or shape of the eye is irregular or football-shaped instead of round. As a result, the curvature of the eyeball affects the vision, making refraction blurry or unclear. Often, toric lenses are prescribed for people with astigmatism because the lens will cover the cornea, unlike conventional contact lenses. If a person with astigmatism wears regular contact lenses, it's like the lens will not cover the cornea adequately.

What Type of Contact Lens Can Someone With Astigmatism Wear?

Toric lenses are an effective option for people who want to wear contact lenses. Toric lenses accommodate people who have irregular curvature of the eye. The curvature of the lens supports the football-shaped curvature of the eye for people with astigmatism.

Reach Out to Our Office in Farmington, MN, for Contact Lens Concerns

If you have astigmatism and want to wear contact lenses, call Family Vision Clinic at 651-463-2020. We'd be happy to help you explore your options.



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