Motorcycle Glasses

If you ride a motorcycle, you already know how important proper eyewear is to protect your vision. If you wear prescription glasses, you may find that wearing motorcycle glasses over your daily eye glasses is cumbersome, to say the least. This is why we offer prescription motorcycle glasses. At Family Vision Clinic in Farmington, MN, our optometrist offers prescription motorcycle glasses to protect your eyes and vision and make your life easier.

Motorcycle Glasses

How to Get Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

If you do not currently have an eyeglass prescription, schedule an appointment for your eye exam, so your motorcycle glasses will match your needed lens perfectly. If you have had the same lenses for over a year, you should schedule a new lens exam to make sure your riding glasses meet your needs exactly.

Once you have a current lens prescription, simply pick the style of motorcycle glasses that fit your needs and style aesthetics. We offer many options for lenses and styles. Your glasses will be custom-made in a timely fashion, so you can enjoy the open road as soon as possible with your new gear. 

Enjoy safety on the roadways with your stylish motorcycle glasses made with your exact vision needs and prescription for optimal safety. 

Importance of Motorcycle Glasses

The main reason motorcycle glasses are so important is safety. Even on a day without too much sun or road debris, the wind alone can dry your eyes and reduce your vision during your trip. Most days do not have these perfect conditions, so eye protection is vital. The smallest pebble can be life-threatening without motorcycle glasses. Too much sun, glare, or even rain can reduce your vision to the point of disaster.

Additionally, if you wear prescription lenses to see, you likely do not want to risk those glasses on the open road. Motorcycle eye glasses are made to stay on even in heavy winds. It is important to wear prescription glasses while driving so your vision is optimal. Combining your prescription eye glasses with motorcycle glasses makes riding safer and easier.

Visit Our Optometrist in Farmington, MN for Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

If you ride a motorcycle and wear eye glasses, you can benefit from prescription motorcycle glasses. At Family Vision Clinic in Farmington, MN, we provide motorcycle glasses in addition to vision exams, contact lens exams, urgent eye care, pediatric eye care, post-operative care, and more. You can choose from polarized, transition, UV sunglasses, and more for your next motorcycle ride. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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