Motorcycle Glasses

Motorcycle Glasses Protect Riders' Eyes

Motorcycling can be great fun but requires the kind of eye protection that our team at Family Vision Clinic in Farmington can provide with prescription motorcycle glasses. State law requires you to wear eye protection while riding a motorcycle in Minnesota and every other state through which you might ride your motorcycle. The reason is obvious: Motorcyclists must protect their eyes from the wind, flying bugs, and other potentially harmful and airborne substances. Let’s look at the advantages of wearing prescription motorcycle glasses.

Motorcycle Glasses

Ensure Good Vision While Riding

You need to see clearly while riding your motorcycle so you can spot potential dangers and avoid them. Your eye doctor can help you see where you are going and what you should avoid by creating a pair of prescription motorcycle glasses. The ideal motorcycle glasses have scratch- and shatter-resistant lenses. The lenses should be large enough to keep wind, weather, and bugs out of your eyes so you can ride all day without damaging them. The lenses also might change according to light conditions so they are darker in bright sunlight and lighter when riding at night.

Stop Contact Lenses and Eyes from Drying Out

Lots of movies and TV shows make the subtle mistake of showing people riding motorcycles with no eye protection. Riding without eye protection allows the wind to dry out your eyes, which triggers tear production. If you wear contact lenses, they could dry out quickly due to the effects of wind on your eyes. Our optometrist can provide you with excellent motorcycle glasses that might be similar to aviator glasses or possibly more like sports eyewear that fully protect your eyes against the sun, wind, and debris.

Protect Your Eyes Against Weather and Debris

Wind and weather are two constant dangers that any motorcyclist faces while riding. Riding at freeway speeds creates hurricane-force winds from which your eyes need protection. The weather conditions also might cause rain, hail, or wind-borne objects to affect your vision and possibly harm your eyes. Even in good weather, bugs often will fly toward the bright headlights on motorcycles and could wind up in one or both eyes. Wearing dedicated motorcycle glasses helps prevent the need for eye care after riding your bike.

Schedule Your Eye Exam Today

Are you looking for an eye doctor near you? At Family Vision Clinic in Farmington, we provide patients with a full range of family eye care services, including pediatric eye care and prescription motorcycle riding glasses. You can call, send an online request, or visit our office to learn more and schedule an eye exam with our optometrist to get a pair of high-quality prescription motorcycle glasses that will make your two-wheeled travel safer by improving and protecting your vision while riding.


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