Before getting prescription eyeglasses, you need to get an eye exam to determine what kind of vision problems you have. At Family Vision Clinic, we offer eye exams for children, teens, and adults in Farmington, MN, and surrounding areas. Our optometrist will test your visual clarity and evaluate your eye health to see if you need glasses to improve your vision. If so, we'll write a prescription for corrective lenses to improve the quality of your sight.


What Eyeglasses Do

Prescription eyeglasses correct visual problems like myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia to help give you clearer sight. Eyeglasses can improve your closeup and distance vision for work, play, and school. Routine eye checkups will also enable our optometrist to monitor your vision to ensure you’re seeing as well as you should.

Tips for Selecting Eyeglasses

If you’ve never worn eyeglasses before, you may need help choosing the best eyeglasses for you:

    • Measurement: In addition to getting an accurate prescription, you may want to get measured for your eyeglasses to ensure they fit comfortably. Proper fitting is a must for your glasses to function as they should.
    • Appearance: Eyeglass frames come in many sizes, shapes, colors, styles, and designs. For glasses that look good on you, choose frames that pair well with the shape of your face, skin color, and personality. Try different frames to see what appeals to you most in the way of comfort and appearance.
    • Functional: Choose attractive, yet functional frames and lenses that suit your lifestyle. You might look for stylish, designer frames to use as well as robust frames and lenses for outdoor adventures. You can even add special coatings to your lenses to help protect your eyes from glare or keep your lenses from scratching.

Get Optometry Care and Eyeglasses from an Optometrist Near You

To schedule an appointment for an eye exam or eyeglass fitting, contact your Farmington, MN, optometrist from Family Vision Clinic at (651) 463-2020. We're here to meet all your eye-care needs. Call us for optometry care and eyeglasses from an optometrist near you.


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