Glaucoma is an eye disease that is caused by damage to a person’s optic nerve. This damage is most often caused by elevated intraocular pressure. While glaucoma can be difficult to both detect and treat, our optometrist near you at Family Vision Clinic in Farmington, MN, can provide you with the treatment you need to preserve your vision.


Types of Glaucoma That Can Occur

There are a few different types of glaucoma. It’s important to know a few of the different types, as glaucoma can be a medical emergency. Open-angle glaucoma slowly damages the optic nerve and, in most cases, can be mediated before it causes severe vision loss. While there are few symptoms associated with the onset of open-angle glaucoma, an eye exam conducted by our optometrist can reveal the problem.

Alternatively, angle-closure glaucoma requires immediate medical treatment. This type of glaucoma is accompanied by severe eye pain and can cause rapid damage to your optic nerve.

Early Symptoms of Glaucoma Are Hard to Detect

Most people will not be able to tell whether or not they have glaucoma. The lack of distinct symptoms tends to delay early treatment, and is one of the primary reasons why people at risk for glaucoma usually aren't identified until they are older than 40 and begin more frequent eye exams. Additionally, the cause of glaucoma isn't well understood.

Our optometrist will be able to spot glaucoma through a standard dilated eye exam. This allows our eye doctor to see inside the back of your eyes and examine the blood vessels, the health of your optic nerve, and check your eyes for any other health problems or eye diseases. Because of this, it is no surprise that glaucoma tends to be one of the top five family eye care issues for older patients and seniors.

Treatment Options and Help in Farmington, MN

Although there is no way of undoing the damage onset by glaucoma, existing treatments from our eye doctor are very effective at preventing further damage from happening to a patient's eyes. These treatments range from eye drops to laser treatments and surgery, depending on one’s case. At Family Vision Clinic in Farmington, MN, we help patients of all ages, from pediatric eye care to senior vision protection. Our family eye care services help everyone, from the basic eye exam to extensive optometrist help. Call us to schedule an appointment. Remember, glaucoma doesn't 


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