Pink Eye FAQs

You may have heard about pink eye but wondered what it really was. Pink eye isn't the medical term that the eye doctor uses for this type of eye infection, but it's a common way to talk about an eye problem called conjunctivitis. Patients get this condition when the eye's conjunctiva becomes inflamed. The conjunctiva is a thin tissue that sits on the inside areas of your eyelids as well as on the whites of the eyes. When this becomes inflamed, it can be caused by many different causes, but it always results in an uncomfortable and annoying condition. This condition generally does not get serious, but it's common. If you have pink eye FAQs, call our office in Farmington, MN, to see the optometrist and to get treatment. We at Family Vision Clinic Farmington are here to help.

Pink Eye

What Are the Symptoms of Pink Eye?

Different people get different symptoms, and the cause of the infection can also affect the symptoms that you get. You may get burning and/or itching in one of your eyes or both. The eyes can have a discharge. Your eyes may turn pink or red, and your eyes might water continuously. Your eyes may also discharge mucus. With certain kinds of conjunctivitis, you might have a cold in conjunction with your pink eye that gives you cold symptoms as well. You might have slightly blurry vision as well. 

What Causes Pink Eye?

Pink eye can be caused by a virus. A bacterial infection that affects the eyes can also cause this condition. Pink eye can also come from using a shampoo that irritates your eyes, being exposed to chlorine, or from something foreign getting lodged in your eye and causing irritation. If you use eye drops and have a bad reaction to them, this can also cause it. You can get it from being allergic to dust, pollen, or some as well. Pink eye can also be caused by a specific type of allergy that comes from wearing contact lenses. 

Visit Our Optometrist for Pink Eye Treatment

When you have pink eye, it may be easy to transmit it to someone else. When you have this condition, wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your eyes. If you get an eye infection and need pink eye treatment, call our optometrist in Farmington, MN, at (651) 463-2020 to see our eye doctor for your condition. We at Family Vision Clinic Farmington are here to help you.


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