Post Operative Eye Care

Post-Op Services at FVC Farmington

At Family Vision Care Farmington, we know that your needs don’t end when your eye surgery is over. That’s why we offer top-quality post-op eye surgery to all our patients. Whether you’ve gotten LASIK or cataract surgery, we are here to provide you with everything you need during your recovery time. 


LASIK Post-Op 

When your LASIK surgery is done, you’re not at the end of your journey yet. After surgery, we will make sure that your cornea is sealed correctly. You will be sent home with special sunglasses to protect your eyes as you heal. 

Many patients experience dry eyes after LASIK surgery. We will provide you with eye drops and a special regimen for how often to take them. If your eye dryness is extreme or long-lasting, talk to our eye doctor. In most cases, patients experience relief within a few weeks.

After your surgery, we recommend several post-operation appointments. The first appointment will take place a few days after your initial surgery. The others are over the following weeks. These are essential appointments since we want to ensure that your eyes are healing correctly. 

Be sure to follow the directions in our post-op surgery instructions and tell your doctor about any problems you are experiencing. 

Cataracts Post-Op

Cataract surgery is a quick procedure, but there is still some recovery time. We will provide you with a shield to protect your eye as it heals. You may be able to take it off within a few hours. Patients often feel sleepy after cataract surgery, so be sure to rest as needed. Keep your eye shield on whenever you are sleeping. 

We will provide you with special eye drops to take home. These drops help reduce the chance of infection and reduce postoperative swelling. 

We will want to see you for a follow-up appointment in the weeks after your surgery. We’ll check to make sure that your eye is healing correctly during this time. Make sure to tell your doctor about any discomfort or unusual symptoms you’re experiencing. 

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Eye surgery changes many patients’ lives for the better. But the road to recovery takes a few weeks. At Family Vision Care Farmington, we want to help make that recovery as quick and painless as possible. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our team at (651) 463-2020.


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