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Unfortunately, accidents happen.  When your eyes are injured or endangered, it's important to have a plan.  Included in that plan should be not only who to call, but also when to act and why.  Here at Family Vision Clinic Farmington, we provide emergency eye care services to the residents of Farmington, MN, and the surrounding areas. 

When Do I Need Emergency Eye Care?

It's a valid question to ask.  If you aren't an optometrist yourself, it can be hard to tell if you need emergency eye care or not. Here's a list of some of the most common reasons to seek emergency eye care:

Eye Injuries: Physical trauma to your eyes is a medical emergency. Call your optometrist or visit the emergency room immediately if your eye has been damaged.

Eye Pain: Your eyes should never hurt. They can be tired or sore, but if your eyes are ever in significant pain, it's important to seek help.  Eye pain can be caused by a number of serious conditions, such as acute angle-closure glaucoma or retinal detachment.

Infectious Conjunctivitis: Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, can have several different causes, some of which have serious repercussions for your eyes if left untreated. If you are suffering from conjunctivitis and your eyes are covered in a crust when you wake up in the morning, visit your optometrist as soon as possible.

Flashing Lights: Light flashes that appear inside the eye take place when the retina is being strained.  Not all flashes are an immediate cause for alarm, but consistent flashes could herald an imminent retinal detachment and should be evaluated by your optometrist.

Floaters: Much like flashes, floaters inside your eye can be nothing more than the product of aging. Unfortunately, they also indicate a number of dangerous eye conditions that can threaten your sight, such as retinal detachment, bleeding in the vitreous of your eye, and diabetic eye disease.

Foreign Objects: If a foreign object becomes lodged in your eye, it can be difficult to extract without assistance. An optometrist can help you successfully remove some bits of debris or other foreign objects from your eye without causing further damage.

Loss of Vision: Sudden loss of vision is extremely alarming and requires immediate aid.  Conditions such as retinal detachment and acute angle-closure glaucoma can cause sudden and often irreversible loss of sight.

Contact Us for Emergency Vision Services

If you have an eye emergency, don't hesitate to call us here at Family Vision Clinic Farmington. If we're closed, follow the prompts and leave a message.  We'll contact you within four hours.  Our number is 651-463-2020.


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