Myopia Control

It can be distressing to learn that you or your child has developed myopia. Fortunately, you can work with our eye doctor at our family eye care center to develop a treatment plan. If you live in or near Farmington, MN, schedule an eye exam or consultation with our “optometrist near me” at the Family Vision Clinic for myopia control.

Myopia Control

What Is Myopia?

Myopia is also known as nearsightedness. This is a condition where you are able to see objects that are close to you clearly but objects that are at a distance are difficult to see. You might notice it in your child when he starts squinting to see things at a distance or when he starts to complain about being unable to see the board in class.

Identifying and treating myopia can be important because it can disrupt your child’s learning abilities. You might even start to notice that his grades are dropping as a result. If you would like an eye exam to help identify myopia, contact our eye doctor on our pediatric eye care team and we can help your child get the care he needs.

Myopia Treatment

Unfortunately, myopia is not uncommon in children. If your child’s vision is blurry, it’s time to visit an optometrist and to undergo an eye exam.

The primary method of dealing with myopia is to correct the error in your child’s vision by providing either contacts or eyeglasses. However, we can also provide myopia control methods to help prevent your child’s condition from getting any worse. To do this, we can provide atropine drops to be applied to your child’s eyes before bedtime. These drops can help prevent your child’s vision from worsening so that he won’t have to deal with worse vision when he is older and won’t be at greater risk of other eye diseases.

Get Pediatric Eye Care, Family Eye Care, and an Eye Exam from Our Optometrist for Myopia

If you are looking for a family eye care doctor near you and you live near Farmington, MN, schedule an eye exam with us at the Family Vision Clinic. Call us at (651) 463-2020 for optometry care from our “optometrist near me.”



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