Blue Light Blocking Lenses

At Family Vision Clinic in Farmington, MN, we provide high-quality optometrist care, pediatric eye care, and family eye. Our eye doctor also offers comprehensive eye exams in order to prescribe blue light glasses. Before scheduling your appointment, learn more about the benefits of blue light blocking lenses below:


Understanding Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Blue light blocking lenses are designed to protect your eyes from damage caused by blue light emitted from smartphones, TVs, and computers. Not only that, but approximately one-third of the sources around us also produce blue light. These sources include sunlight, LED lights, and fluorescent lighting. Blue light blocking lenses work by filtering out about 40% of blue-violet light from electronic screens. Along with that, they feature a yellow or amber tin that absorbs or reflects the blue light from the sources around us during the day.

Blue light doesn’t just cause eye strain, it also disrupts our circadian rhythm by suppressing the production of melatonin in our eyes. Blue light blocking glasses help filter out blue light before it reaches our eyes, which can improve sleep quality and our overall health.

Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Blue light blocking glasses can offer a variety of benefits. When you visit us for your next eye exam, our optometrist can provide additional information on these glasses and determine if they would be suitable for your condition. Some benefits of blue light blocking lenses include:

  • Reduce eye strain and discomfort
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Prevent dry eyes
  • Allow for longer electronic sessions without concern
  • Prevent watery eyes or itchy eyes
  • Reduces light sensitivity
  • Decrease headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain
  • Improve concentration and focus

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At Family Vision Clinic in Farmington, MN, our experienced optometrist is dedicated to providing family eye care, pediatric eye care, and exams for blue light lenses. Whether you need lenses for sports or when utilizing a computer, we are happy to help. To learn more about our services and to schedule your appointment, contact our office at (651) 463-2020 today.


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