Infant and Pediatric Eye Care

We offer a comprehensive eye exam that focuses on your child’s individual needs. Your children do not need to know the alphabet to have their vision tested.

Dr. Rupnow is known, by many of her pediatric patients, to be a “very silly doctor”. This makes the child feel much less afraid of the “games” they will be playing with Dr Rupnow. She is also passionate about making sure that the child’s visual ablity will help them through the significantly higher visual demands of our current electronic media and the higher reading demands at earlier ages. This does not mean that 20/20 vision is always good enough. There is a physical aspect to reading that some kids struggle with and Dr. Rupnow will be very attentative to any concerns the parents may have about their child’s acedemic perfomance. Although the child will be dilated at their eye exam, Dr. Rupnow makes the dilation non-threatening and even fun and the vast majority of kids handle the eyedrops without incident. Most kids who walk out of an exam with Dr. Rupnow are excited about coming back for their annual eye examination.

  • Eye Exams / Vision Exams / Vision Problems (don’t need to know alphabet)
  • School vision screening

“Dr. Pamela Rupnow was very professional and thorough with her eye exams. My children felt comfortable and safe during their appointments. The staff at FVC were very friendly and helpful. Picking out glasses for my son was an easy process and he looks great! I would recommend FVC to friends and family.”


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