Infant and Pediatric Eye Care

The Importance of Optometry Services for Infants and Children

There are a number of key reasons why optometry services are critical for infants and children. First, there are many eye conditions that only develop at early ages which can affect learing and coordination.  Therefore, it takes someone who practices pediatric optometry to diagnose and treat these conditions effectively. Next, many children, particularly babies, are not able to voice when something is wrong with their vision. Many eye problems in children are not noticed at all until they are diagnosed by a trained eye doctor. 

In addition, eye care in children is important because it builds good habits. It is important for kids to be taught how to take care of their health. When children start going to the eye doctor regularly at a young age, they are more likely to continue these habits during adulthood as well.

Types of Procedures Performed by a Pediatric Optometrist

When someone takes their kids to the eye doctor, there are a number of tasks that an eye doctor is going to complete. First, the eye doctor is going to test the visual acuity of each eye individually and then together as well as measure their prescription.  (Nope.  We don’t need the child to be verbal in order to get these measurement!)  This can identify issues such as astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia and possible lazy eye. Then, the optometrist is going to look at how well the eyes work together as well as the pupil responses and visual fields of the eyes.

In addition, the eye doctor will measure the pressure of the fluid in the eyes, looking for possible congenital glaucoma. Finally, the eye doctor will dilate the pupils to examine the retina and internal structures of the eyes.

Trust the Team from Family Vision Clinic

It is critical for parents to make sure that their children have access to comprehensive eye care services from a trained and experienced pediatric optometrist. That is exactly what people will get when they come to visit us at the Family Vision Clinic. We are here to serve the children and families of the Farmington area. To learn more about how we can help you and your family, call us today at 651-463-2020 to schedule an appointment.


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