Infant and Pediatric Eye Care

Proper eye care starts at birth. This means you need to bring your child in for routine eye exams. Oftentimes, eye problems in children go undetected until they lead to problems in school. You don't want your child to fall further and further behind their classmates because they have a problem with their vision. To avoid all of these issues and to provide all the eye care services your child needs, consider taking advantage of infant eye care provided by our optometrist in Farmington. 

Dr Rupnow recommends bringing your child in as early as you notice any problems. Things to look for: Not learning at the rate you expect; being clumsier than you expect; watching things with their head turned to one side; eye than turns in or out (this is normal under 1 year). If you are not concerned about an of the above issues, she recommends that the child's first exam be at age 3-3 ½. Their preschool screening and/or pediatrician visual acuity is not adequate. Assuming that everything looks normal at the 3 year visit, the next exam would be recommended before kindergarten. You children will be dilated at these visits as that is very important in determining if they have any undetected visual issues as well as a health check. Children often do much better with the drops than you expect!

Improved Pediatric Eye Care

When looking for an eye care professional for your family, you need to look for a service provider that specializes in infant and pediatric eye care. At Family Vision Clinic, we work with the entire family, including infant children, to ensure the quality of their vision. Of course, your infant isn't able to say whether their vision is blurry or not. It is our job to identify and address any eye health issues your child may be suffering from. It is important to provide pediatric eye care as early as possible to detect eye health conditions before they become serious.

Corrective Measures for All Ages

Perhaps your child needs glasses or corrective assistance. We can pair your child with the perfect pair of glasses or contacts to correct their vision. Our child-specific eyeglasses are built to last and compliment your child’s active lifestyle. Our optometrist in Farmington will analyze your child’s vision and provide them with the most effective means of vision correction possible.

Schedule Your Child's Next Eye Exam Today

Eye care for your child should not occur when they begin struggling in school or begin complaining about headaches. It should begin as early as possible. This way, it is possible to identify problems with the development of your child's eyes and make sure they receive the best treatment available. All of this starts with a visit to our optometrist in Farmington.

At Family Vision Clinic, we provide infant and pediatric eye care, no matter your child’s age or if they have seen an eye doctor before. A visit to our eye doctor will help ensure the quality of your child’s vision. For more information on pediatric eye care, infant eye care, or to schedule an appointment with our optometrist in Farmington, call us at (651) 463-2020.


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