Eye Infections

Eye infections are uncomfortable to deal with, but they are an unfortunate reality for all of us. Almost everyone will, at some point, suffer from an eye infection that can cause various serious symptoms. If you notice any symptoms of an eye infection, it may be useful to get the help of an optometrist as soon as possible to speed up your recovery process. An optometrist can put your mind at ease and help provide the best treatment for your eye infections.


At Family Vision Clinic in Farmington, MN, we can help you recover from your eye infections and get you the help you need to get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible. We're on a mission to help our patients restore their vision, prevent eye infections, and recover with little to no complications from eye infections.

What Are Eye Infections?

Eye infections occur due to contamination from bacteria, viruses, or even allergic reactions. Eye infections are commonly associated with symptoms such as increased eye discharge, increased tear production, fevers, red eyes, and swollen eyes.

Some eye infections can also be accompanied by changes in vision, especially those that are severe. For instance, conjunctivitis, also known as red eye, can spread to two eyes and can cause them to swell drastically, leading to problems with vision.

Eye infections can also be associated with other symptoms, such as fever and chills.

How Can an Optometrist Help My Eye Infections?

Our optometrist can conduct tests and take a deeper look at your eye to determine what type of eye infection is present in your eye. She may conduct vision tests as well as dilate your eye to determine the extent of your eye injury. In addition, she may also prescribe treatment for your eye infections, such as antibiotic medications. These types of medications can be taken orally or given in an eye drop.

Our optometrist might also recommend a follow-up visit to check on the condition of your eyes. She might also recommend lifestyle changes, such as adding an antihistamine to your routine or practicing better hygiene to prevent future eye infections.

Find Relief from Eye Infections with Our Optometrist

Although eye infections can be painful and uncomfortable, there may be help available through a trained optometrist. We at Family Vision Clinic in Farmington, MN, are here to offer help for eye infections. Call us at (651) 463-2020 to schedule an appointment.


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