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When you can't see clearly, it can lead to a slew of problems. You might not be able to see drive, enjoy those special moments with your family, or read. A child may struggle to see the board and learn. For some people, an eye infection or disease, such as pink eye, dry eye syndrome, or other issues, is interfering with life right now. 

Fortunately, at Family Vision Clinic Farmington, serving Farmington, MN, and the nearby region, we help people see to the best of their ability and treat or manage certain eye issues through our eye care services. 

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Vision Problems 

We help patients who have trouble seeing up close, far away, or both. Through corrective eyewear, we can have you or your child see clearly. Our comprehensive optometry vision screening can identify astigmatism and help us get an accurate assessment of the extent of your vision deficit. 

Chronic Eye Diseases

Our practitioner can diagnose and manage chronic eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and more. Firstly, through a thorough evaluation, our eye doctor can determine if you have any eye health problems. We can then formulate a course of action to manage the condition better. We'd like to note that we offer care to diabetics who suffer from diabetic retinopathy. Eye disease treatment could include prescription eye drops, vision correction, or lifestyle advice. 

In some cases, we'll need to monitor your condition and intervene as necessary. 

Additionally, certain chronic eye diseases don't tend to interfere with eye health much but can be uncomfortable and hinder you from wearing contacts, such as dry eye syndrome. In this case, we may provide eye drops, recommend contacts that'll be most comfortable for you, and supply advice on how to ease your symptoms. You may have red eye frequently, and it may feel as though something is in it. It also may hurt. 

Pink Eye 

Pink eye can stem from a bacterial or viral infection. For some people, it's caused by allergies. This is a vague term to describe a range of issues that cause red eye. Nevertheless, our practitioner can determine the cause and provide you with a treatment for relief. It may consist of antibiotic eye drops to treat a bacterial infection. 

Family Vision Clinic Farmington, serving Farmington, MN, and the general vicinity, offers eye care services for the entire family, no matter their age. Through vision screenings and other tests, we can determine the root of your problem and provide you with the appropriate treatment, even if that means continuous monitoring along with your eye disease treatment. 

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