Computer Glasses

Your Guide to Computer Glasses

There are many advertisements for computer glasses, along with many opinions about them. Unfortunately, with so much conflicting information, it can leave you with many questions. In this guide, our team at Family Vision Clinic in Farmington answers some common questions to help cut through the confusion and help you get the eye care you need.

Computer Glasses

What Is the Purpose of Computer Glasses? 

Everybody is on a device these days – most people for hours at a time. You’ve probably noticed that after a while, it becomes difficult to focus on the screen. You might experience headaches, eye fatigue, and other undesirable symptoms. These symptoms occur because screens do not provide the sharpness our eyes need, so they have to work extra hard to focus. We also tend to blink less often, which causes dry eye symptoms. And the blue light and glare from the screen can cause visual struggles. Computer glasses were developed to minimize or eliminate these issues.

Who Needs Computer Glasses? 

In truth, anyone who looks at a device for more than a few minutes at a time should use them. However, those who use a computer to work or stream shows on their phone or tablet are at great risk of digital eye strain, so computer glasses are certainly important for these groups. It’s also a good idea to speak to your pediatric eye care specialist, as children and teens are typically on screens for long periods.

Can I Just Get a Pair from Anywhere? 

Technically you can, but it’s not a good idea for a couple of reasons. First, those that you can buy from online stores and local retailers might not provide the full protection you need. Second, it’s important to have an eye care appointment with your family eye care specialist to ensure that digital eye strain is the only issue at play.

Many vision challenges can create the same symptoms as digital eye strain – especially blurry vision. An eye exam can make your eye doctor aware of such issues. If a vision issue is present, that needs to be addressed alongside computer use. You can work alongside your family eye care specialist or pediatric eye care specialist to determine the best course of eye protection.

If you wear contact lenses, you or your child can get computer glasses without corrective lenses. If you do not wear contact lenses, you can choose computer glasses with corrective lenses. The various options can be discussed after your eye exam.

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