Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses and Digital Eye Strain

Most of us who have indoor jobs spend most or even all of our work day at a computer. Most of us also suffer computer eye strain. The answer for the aching, burning, teary eyes, and blurry vision caused by computer eye strain can be computer glasses prescribed for your individual eye care needs by our optometrist in Farmington, Dr. Pamela Rupnow, OD at Family Vision Clinic Farmington.


What are computer glasses?

Computer glasses are made specifically to reduce the eye strain caused by computer work. They have a special anti-reflective coating that reduces the glare from your computer screen. They also have a filter to block the blue light generated by all kinds of modern digital display devices.

Different people need different computer vision treatment.

If computer vision treatment were just a matter of getting glasses with an anti-reflective coating and a blue light filter, you might be able to get good results by buying glasses off the rack. Unfortunately, the reality is that "one size doesn't fit all" when it comes to computer glasses.

Most of us sit 20 to 26 inches away from our computers. That distance is too close if you're farsighted, but not close enough if you are nearsighted. In addition to the blue light filter and blocking glare, you need refractive correction to make sure you can see the screen clearly.

Many individuals over the age of 40 deal with problems in both near and far vision. Mature people may need progressive lenses to offer good vision at all distances with the protection from computer eye strain. Our optometrist in Farmington can sort out all of your vision correction needs to give you exactly the vision correction you need to work all day without computer eye strain.

Our optometrist in Farmington can also prescribe contacts for optimal computer vision.

Don't wait another day to stop computer-related eye strain!

Dr. Pamela Rupnow, OD and the rest of our caring staff at Family Vision Clinic Farmington are ready to help you get the computer glasses you need and to make sure you get all the eye care you need to enjoy the best vision possible for the longest time possible. Request an appointment online or call us at (651) 463-2020 today! Our optometrist in Farmington can be found at Family Vision Clinic Farmington, 19645 Pilot Knob Road, Suite 106, Farmington, MN 55024.


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