Computer Glasses

If you think you may have an eye or sleep problem from computer exposure, you can come to our optometrist for your family eye care. Seeing an eye doctor for your eye exam can be an important part of your overall eye care every year. Whether you need adult or pediatric eye care, computer glasses, contact lenses, and more, we have a Farmington, MN, office to serve you. Call us for an appointment. We at Family Vision Clinic Farmington are here to help.

Computer Glasses

Computer Vision

A condition called computer vision is now a common eye problem. It comes from looking at digital screens for many hours a day. Today, so many jobs require constant computer screen use that computer vision is getting to be relatively normal among the population. However, it comes with a lot of side effects that can affect your vision and your comfort. Computer vision can cause the eyes to be drier and to get tired more easily. It can also lead to irritation of the eyes and eyes that water. If you are experiencing these symptoms and you work in front of a computer or otherwise spend many hours in front of one, you may have computer vision syndrome. This can have a big effect on your vision and your daily life. These long hours in front of the computer can also cause sleep interruptions.

Computer Vision Prevention

One of the ways that you can prevent this condition is to make it so that it's safer for your eyes to look at the screen. Wearing computer glasses when you have your screen time is a good way to prevent many of the issues that computer vision can cause. These glasses block out the blue light that comes from the screen. They are often referred to as blue-light glasses because they block the blue light from the light that comes into them so that your eyes won't be exposed to it. This can lead to less eye fatigue and better sleep. When you take in a lot of blue light, it can interfere with your sleep patterns, and wearing these glasses can prevent that. You can get these specialty glasses from our eye doctor. 

See Our Optometrist for Eye Care

If you want to stop computer vision from making your eyes uncomfortable and causing sleep disturbances, our family eye care practice has the glasses you need. For both adult and pediatric eye care, call our office in Farmington, MN, to get your eye exam and blue-light blocking glasses. We can provide contact lenses and more. Call us at (651) 463-2020 for Family Vision Clinic Farmington.



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