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Why is my eye red?

Our Optometry Professional in Farmington Can Treat Red Eyes

Red eyes occur when the white part of the eye, also known as the sclera, becomes bloodshot or red. In many cases, when you have red eyes, you will experience other symptoms such as burning, itching, pain, watery eyes, discharge, sensitivity to light, or blurry vision.

There are several causes of red eyes, and our doctor of optometry, who is also a pediatric optometrist, at Family Vision Clinic can diagnose the cause of your red eyes and create a treatment plan for it.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye is a common condition among older people. It occurs when the eyes cannot produce enough natural tears. It also happens when the tears are of poor quality and evaporates before they can adequately moisten the eyes. There are many symptoms associated with this condition, and red eyes are one of them.

Foreign Body In the Eye

Any time there is a foreign body in the eye, it can result in irritation and red eyes. Any type of foreign object in the eyes can be harmful, so you should never attempt to remove the object with your fingers, tweezers, or other tools as this can cause further damage to your eyes. It is best to schedule an appointment with an optometrist immediately for prompt removal.

Pink Eye

Pink eye is also known as conjunctivitis. It is an infection of the eye and is very contagious. Pink eye will cause other symptoms besides red eyes, including itching, a gritty feeling, excessive tearing, and discharge that forms a crust overnight. To treat pink eye, you will need a prescription from an eye doctor.


Seasonal allergies can cause your eyes to become red and itchy. It can also cause watering of the eyes, sneezing, and a scratchy throat. The best treatment for seasonal allergies is an over-the-counter allergy medication. These medications can treat your symptoms, including your red eyes.

Contact Lens Wear

If you are a contact lens wearer, you must wear them as directed. Wearing your contacts for too long or overnight can result in red and irritable eyes. The same is true if you don't clean your contacts properly before putting them in. If your red eyes are due to contact lens wear, you should stop wearing the contacts until the redness subsides, and be sure to clean and wear them properly going forward.

Digital Eye Strain

Sitting in front of a digital screen for too long can cause red eyes, headaches, and eye fatigue. The best way to avoid digital eye strain is to sit far enough from the screen and take frequent breaks. If you wear glasses, you can look into blue light filtering lenses. These lenses are designed to block the blue light from electronic screens.

Make an Appointment with Us If You Have Suffering from Red Eyes

If you are suffering from red eyes, schedule an appointment with Family Vision Clinic in Farmington. We treat people of all ages and have a pediatric optometrist on staff. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 651-463-2020.


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